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Swingers or Crashers? Fred Claus

So I just got back from my second trip to London and Paris and I originally wasn't gonna post about it but it prompted a weird ass dream last night. I dreamt that my entire immediate family showed up for some weird reason. For example, there was a part in it where my sister was working at a toy store there and I ended up helping her finish a shift one day. Plus, my cousin was there and I thought he was referencing "Rock over London" to me in the dream, which made me repeat "Rock on Chicago". Turns out he was talking about Wereweolves of London by Warren Zevon, which prompted a discussion about one hit wonders and whether The Ultimate Warrior was one. Plus, in my dream I'm an actor and David Tennant plays my dad in the show we're shooting. The dream ends with me traveling back home from London (which isn't that far apparently and we can just drive a bus from there, lawl). We almost get back, and there's road blocks in the street and the bus driver tells us North America has to be evacuated due to a natural disaster (could be the Yellowstone Volcano, didn't hear in the dream). We're all given $10 to survive on to end the dream. My imagination is fucked.

Is change in the air? Perhaps. We'll see. That is all, folks.
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