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The Face of Boe

So, I had to share a couple of dreams I had this week.

First one involved a preacher predicting some apocalyptic event in a small town. I'm touring some factory with Ghostbusters 3 merchandise when I hear about it. Turns out Urban Meyer (Ohio State football coach) is planning to seclude himself during this event, and is friends with one of my old co-workers, who turns out to be rich. They both go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to talk about how to avoid the apocalypse, of which falling anvils seems to be the main danger. I try to ask him to help me at their dinner, but he just asks me "were you invited? I don't think you were invited".

Second one involved former WWE wrestler Shane Helms (also known as The Hurricane). He apparently was missing, and some people in the know told me he took a pill and went back in time. So I broke into his home and took a pill I found, and was transported back to the 1970s. I was only there briefly, at a high school pep rally on a football field. I then woke up from the affects of the pill IN THE DREAM, only to find out it was all a dream from the pill and Shane Helms was actually found and in a coma.

I think this same dream had me as Mark Summers (Nickelodeon game show host) playing a virtual reality game.

Randomness incarnate indeed.
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