Yort (cracky) wrote,

Top of the morning, bitch

To quote Cr1tikal.

I just wanna say that I'm in love with Campbell's Slow Kettle Tomato Bisque soup. It's all that I need (along with this lamp...that's all I need!). Just wanted to put that out there for 2016 when I'm nostalgic about it.

This journal is officially part of the deep web. Or at least I wish it was. Then it'd be cool.

Random thoughts -
Walking Dead was the best game I've played this year (out of maybe 3 or 4 new ones I played)
Retron 3 is cool
Days of Future Past is gonna rock me like a magikist (I think that's how Wesley Willis spelled it).
Tags: bic pens, folklore, georgia bulldogs, spanish business management
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