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Friends are Friends until the End...MALL BITCHES

I love WKUK.

Fun times are ahead. I'm working harder than ever at work and at school, and feel preeeety confident in myself. Oh yeah, and I leave there after December for student teaching anyway. Speaking of which, I passed the Praxis and the APTTP. Also, I'm officially a sub for Shelby County Schools. W00t or something.

Going to NYC for the second time on Mon-Wed w/ my sister, since I have the extra $ and my sister is going anyway on business. Should be fun, even if it'll be short; there were a few places I didn't get to see last time.

I just deleted my facebook. No, not deactivated it - it will be gone soon. In this day and age, being able to walk away and see through the site is great.

I'm writing a book. Yes, for reals. Not for publishing, but I like it thus far. It's more challenging than writing screenplays, but I think it will be more rewarding. It's about furries, but it's also a coming-of-age story. I think it will be quite hilarious when all is said and done.
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