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pants on the ground has killed my brain cells.

Well, last semester went really well. It finally started to hit me that I'm gonna be entering the teaching world soon. I entered into the foray of tutoring students and observing teachers. I also started making school units. I figure I'm doing pretty well so far, as I made an A in all of my education classes. Even though I have alot of work ahead of me in the next year before I can get my teaching license, I think I may be hitting my stride with some of this stuff.

I want to get out more and meet some quality people. Last summer was promising, but it was cut short by school. The people I did meet turned out to be weird/not really friendship material, or I lost track/interest. Last semester I barely had any free time for meeting weird, random people, but I'm thinking that this semester will be different. Problem is, I still don't know that there's alot of people I would want to hang around with on a normal basis. I'm beginning to understand that there's a reason why I'm not close with many people, and that it doesn't necessarily mean I'm a big weirdo. It just means I have rigid standards for what I believe is right in the world, and I want to see those reflected in the people I associate myself with. But, if I don't get around to solving that whole mess this semester, it was well worth the sacrifice. Quality over quantity.

I just took a trip to Los Angeles over the holidaze. It was pretty cool. The public transit system is harder to navigate than London and NY, but I still had a blast. I even found the Scrubs and Office sets (and risking my well-being in the process). The weather is alot better than here, where it feels like the inside of a grocery store freezer around the clock.

I got around to buying a new computer (after 4 years). I'm currently updating from an ACER Laptop, and I must say I'm enjoying it immensely, even though I need to get Chrome and/or Firefox on here ASAP and abandon Internet Exploder.

I'm about to go get caffeined up and do some homework. Until next time - don't watch reality tv. Watch the Soup MAKE FUN OF reality tv. Don't perpetrate "pants on the ground". It's not worth it.
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