Yort (cracky) wrote,

(if you're wondering if I want you to), I want you to

Well, I'm glad that I got to have fun this summer. I went bowling, played on a trivia team, read, played video games, etc. Good stuff. I even got back into zombie movies after finally getting around to seeing 28 Weeks Later and Diary of the Dead (oh, only 2 years late).

I just started graduate school at UAB last week (and also, my education classes). I'm really looking forward to the challenge that it's going to bring. Exciting times are ahead; this year has been pretty good, and I feel like I'm growing a lot as a person lately. I'm trying to be as disciplined and level headed as possible. Hell, I'm even going to cut my hair pretty soon to pre-2007 standards. I figure I'm always going to be a dork, so I might as well have people looking at me in the right way. I actually reread alot of my lj posts from 2003/2004 today in boredom (which is ok, considering I'm nearly ever on lj), and boy - was I totally clueless about some things.

I'm also currently in the process of pouring out some purple drank for the bed I've had since elementary school. As of this afternoon, I'll have a twin bed. So, it'll be a bit bigger to accomodate for the nonexistent sex sessions I'm going to have in the near future.

Can't wait for Raditude and Sonic Boom. I feel so out of place buying CDs nowadays, though. But my ipod is toast anyway (washed it for a SECOND time in the washer), so whattya gonna do.
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