Yort (cracky) wrote,

How are things at butt-fucking-ham palace

My life is pretty gud right now.

I'm in shape again. And, for the last month, I've hung out w/ lots of new people nearly every week. And, I don't hate any of them. Yet. Ok that's not likely considering I barely know them and I'm not forced to spend lots of time with them. And the weird thing is, I'm not nearly as dependent upon people like I used to - and this is actually a good thing for me! Its allowed me to actually have fun with people and relax. Now, I get to choose and take time and be more objective about the people I do hang out with. I also don't feel bad about letting go of people nearly as much after seeing what that type of thinking brought me the past few years.

I've also got an interview with UAB Graduate School next week. I'm hoping that goes well.
I'm working full time right now and taking two classes so my free time is pretty limited. That's the only bad thing, really. But the money is nice for the time being.

I started writing a new screenplay about a bipolar, repressed Christian guy who gets conned into starting a faux-Christian bookstore. It's an interesting diversion thus far. I'll never finish it, but it's fun.

It feels good to be me again.
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