Yort (cracky) wrote,

my fav mr. lahey quote

so, when I was in high school I trolled a newsgroup (alt.skate-board) for fun. Those were my glory days (well.... I had a normal life and a few friends), until I realized I had to grow up a lil'. Today while reading an old post I found a great Jim Lahey (park supervisor) quote from trailer park boys in my sig -

"He grew up as a shit spark from the old shit flame,
then he turned into a shit bon-fire. Then driven by
the winds of his monumental ignorance he turned
into a raging shitfire storm. If i get married to
Barb i'll have total control of Sunnyvale, and then
i can unleash a shitnami titlewave that will engulf
ricky and extinguish his shitflame forever. And with
any luck he will drown in the under shit of that wave....
shit waves..."

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