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Date:2016-01-17 13:38
Subject:The Face of Boe
Mood: creative

So, I had to share a couple of dreams I had this week.

First one involved a preacher predicting some apocalyptic event in a small town. I'm touring some factory with Ghostbusters 3 merchandise when I hear about it. Turns out Urban Meyer (Ohio State football coach) is planning to seclude himself during this event, and is friends with one of my old co-workers, who turns out to be rich. They both go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to talk about how to avoid the apocalypse, of which falling anvils seems to be the main danger. I try to ask him to help me at their dinner, but he just asks me "were you invited? I don't think you were invited".

Second one involved former WWE wrestler Shane Helms (also known as The Hurricane). He apparently was missing, and some people in the know told me he took a pill and went back in time. So I broke into his home and took a pill I found, and was transported back to the 1970s. I was only there briefly, at a high school pep rally on a football field. I then woke up from the affects of the pill IN THE DREAM, only to find out it was all a dream from the pill and Shane Helms was actually found and in a coma.

I think this same dream had me as Mark Summers (Nickelodeon game show host) playing a virtual reality game.

Randomness incarnate indeed.

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Date:2016-01-09 11:26
Subject:Would You Like A Jelly Baby?
Mood: content

So...2016, huh?

All I can hope for is a quiet year. 2015 wasn't too bad. Here's to another chapter in my hermitdom!

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Date:2015-01-14 11:22
Subject:The Reckoning - Paht Tree
Mood: happy


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Date:2015-01-08 14:55
Subject:I typed your symptoms in here and it says you may have "network connectivity problems"
Mood: bored

Like the John Lennon song goes...I'm starting over again.

Pretty crazy 2014. I should have known it would have ended up that way. I think the only highlights were the Star Wars trailer and there being a female incarnation of The Master on Doctor Who.

Oh, and where is my hydrated pizza?

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Date:2014-07-28 14:19
Subject:This is what I was meant to do, and you can't put that on sale
Mood: happy

Well, yeah. It was in the air after all :)

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Date:2014-04-23 11:30
Subject:Swingers or Crashers? Fred Claus
Mood: contemplative

So I just got back from my second trip to London and Paris and I originally wasn't gonna post about it but it prompted a weird ass dream last night. I dreamt that my entire immediate family showed up for some weird reason. For example, there was a part in it where my sister was working at a toy store there and I ended up helping her finish a shift one day. Plus, my cousin was there and I thought he was referencing "Rock over London" to me in the dream, which made me repeat "Rock on Chicago". Turns out he was talking about Wereweolves of London by Warren Zevon, which prompted a discussion about one hit wonders and whether The Ultimate Warrior was one. Plus, in my dream I'm an actor and David Tennant plays my dad in the show we're shooting. The dream ends with me traveling back home from London (which isn't that far apparently and we can just drive a bus from there, lawl). We almost get back, and there's road blocks in the street and the bus driver tells us North America has to be evacuated due to a natural disaster (could be the Yellowstone Volcano, didn't hear in the dream). We're all given $10 to survive on to end the dream. My imagination is fucked.

Is change in the air? Perhaps. We'll see. That is all, folks.

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Date:2013-12-01 19:41
Subject:Hello Sweetie
Mood: dorky

I'm up here in Lebanon and boy is it country outside. Livejournal = friendster, as in dead technology.

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Date:2013-07-11 21:41
Subject:King of Wishful Thinking


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Date:2012-12-09 22:17
Subject:Top of the morning, bitch

To quote Cr1tikal.

I just wanna say that I'm in love with Campbell's Slow Kettle Tomato Bisque soup. It's all that I need (along with this lamp...that's all I need!). Just wanted to put that out there for 2016 when I'm nostalgic about it.

This journal is officially part of the deep web. Or at least I wish it was. Then it'd be cool.

Random thoughts -
Walking Dead was the best game I've played this year (out of maybe 3 or 4 new ones I played)
Retron 3 is cool
Days of Future Past is gonna rock me like a magikist (I think that's how Wesley Willis spelled it).

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Date:2012-08-09 22:24
Subject:They see me roll on, my Segway
Mood: content

Man oh man...so long. So so long, lj. I blame the fall of social media for this. What the hell is a Facebook anyway? I miss thefacebook.com, personally. Tumblr? Use fucking correct spelling already.

Anyyyyyywho, it's been a weird and somewhat cool year. Not literally. I'm running my air conditioning like no one's business. But I would like to say that overall, I'm no longer stressing about being an adult. It's nice. I know I'm not hot shit, and it's a good thing to accept that.

Nowadays I chill on my iPad and watch Cr1tikal videos, or read..last book I read was Chris Jericho's biography (Undisputed). I go see concerts, attempt to play video games, and enjoy the fact that I'm almost 30 but still single and free. Livejournal, you just don't know. I'm on vacation soon, so maybe I might update again then...or maybe not. Maybe I'll enjoy myself. Where I'm going, you don't need roads.

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Date:2012-02-12 23:06
Subject:This prophecy, misread it could have been.
Mood: peaceful

Welp, time to update.

Living on your own is kind of a weird thing. I thought it would be kinda scary. But, everything feels normal when you know you have a comfortable source of income. I suppose I like this kind of security, and can deal with leaving big dreams behind. This past year and a half has felt like a weird burnt out phase, but i'm glad to know i got out of it and can start anew. I think leaving school has rejuvenated me and shown me a path, even though it's not for everybody. Being a grown up is oddly impowering once you leave the past behind.

On another note, I still wish I had extended cable.

But maybe I'll work up to that. Plenty of time.

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Date:2011-06-19 11:26
Mood: happy

This thing is stupid. I'm too old for this shit.

Some updates -
I finished grad school, but I'm not a teacher, and never will be.
I have my first full time job at a bank, and enjoy the hell out of it so far.
People are still sort of stupid.
I rock.


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Date:2011-03-26 14:36
Mood: peaceful

Tis been a while, livejournal.

Here's to a new beginning.

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Date:2010-11-24 18:31
Subject:I'll bring home the turkey if ya bring home the bacon...again.
Mood: blah


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Date:2010-06-26 22:47
Subject:Friends are Friends until the End...MALL BITCHES
Mood: creative

I love WKUK.

Fun times are ahead. I'm working harder than ever at work and at school, and feel preeeety confident in myself. Oh yeah, and I leave there after December for student teaching anyway. Speaking of which, I passed the Praxis and the APTTP. Also, I'm officially a sub for Shelby County Schools. W00t or something.

Going to NYC for the second time on Mon-Wed w/ my sister, since I have the extra $ and my sister is going anyway on business. Should be fun, even if it'll be short; there were a few places I didn't get to see last time.

I just deleted my facebook. No, not deactivated it - it will be gone soon. In this day and age, being able to walk away and see through the site is great.

I'm writing a book. Yes, for reals. Not for publishing, but I like it thus far. It's more challenging than writing screenplays, but I think it will be more rewarding. It's about furries, but it's also a coming-of-age story. I think it will be quite hilarious when all is said and done.

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Date:2010-01-16 13:01
Subject:pants on the ground has killed my brain cells.
Mood: productive

Well, last semester went really well. It finally started to hit me that I'm gonna be entering the teaching world soon. I entered into the foray of tutoring students and observing teachers. I also started making school units. I figure I'm doing pretty well so far, as I made an A in all of my education classes. Even though I have alot of work ahead of me in the next year before I can get my teaching license, I think I may be hitting my stride with some of this stuff.

I want to get out more and meet some quality people. Last summer was promising, but it was cut short by school. The people I did meet turned out to be weird/not really friendship material, or I lost track/interest. Last semester I barely had any free time for meeting weird, random people, but I'm thinking that this semester will be different. Problem is, I still don't know that there's alot of people I would want to hang around with on a normal basis. I'm beginning to understand that there's a reason why I'm not close with many people, and that it doesn't necessarily mean I'm a big weirdo. It just means I have rigid standards for what I believe is right in the world, and I want to see those reflected in the people I associate myself with. But, if I don't get around to solving that whole mess this semester, it was well worth the sacrifice. Quality over quantity.

I just took a trip to Los Angeles over the holidaze. It was pretty cool. The public transit system is harder to navigate than London and NY, but I still had a blast. I even found the Scrubs and Office sets (and risking my well-being in the process). The weather is alot better than here, where it feels like the inside of a grocery store freezer around the clock.

I got around to buying a new computer (after 4 years). I'm currently updating from an ACER Laptop, and I must say I'm enjoying it immensely, even though I need to get Chrome and/or Firefox on here ASAP and abandon Internet Exploder.

I'm about to go get caffeined up and do some homework. Until next time - don't watch reality tv. Watch the Soup MAKE FUN OF reality tv. Don't perpetrate "pants on the ground". It's not worth it.

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Date:2009-08-22 11:14
Subject:(if you're wondering if I want you to), I want you to

Well, I'm glad that I got to have fun this summer. I went bowling, played on a trivia team, read, played video games, etc. Good stuff. I even got back into zombie movies after finally getting around to seeing 28 Weeks Later and Diary of the Dead (oh, only 2 years late).

I just started graduate school at UAB last week (and also, my education classes). I'm really looking forward to the challenge that it's going to bring. Exciting times are ahead; this year has been pretty good, and I feel like I'm growing a lot as a person lately. I'm trying to be as disciplined and level headed as possible. Hell, I'm even going to cut my hair pretty soon to pre-2007 standards. I figure I'm always going to be a dork, so I might as well have people looking at me in the right way. I actually reread alot of my lj posts from 2003/2004 today in boredom (which is ok, considering I'm nearly ever on lj), and boy - was I totally clueless about some things.

I'm also currently in the process of pouring out some purple drank for the bed I've had since elementary school. As of this afternoon, I'll have a twin bed. So, it'll be a bit bigger to accomodate for the nonexistent sex sessions I'm going to have in the near future.

Can't wait for Raditude and Sonic Boom. I feel so out of place buying CDs nowadays, though. But my ipod is toast anyway (washed it for a SECOND time in the washer), so whattya gonna do.

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Date:2009-07-09 11:45
Subject:How are things at butt-fucking-ham palace
Mood: happy

My life is pretty gud right now.

I'm in shape again. And, for the last month, I've hung out w/ lots of new people nearly every week. And, I don't hate any of them. Yet. Ok that's not likely considering I barely know them and I'm not forced to spend lots of time with them. And the weird thing is, I'm not nearly as dependent upon people like I used to - and this is actually a good thing for me! Its allowed me to actually have fun with people and relax. Now, I get to choose and take time and be more objective about the people I do hang out with. I also don't feel bad about letting go of people nearly as much after seeing what that type of thinking brought me the past few years.

I've also got an interview with UAB Graduate School next week. I'm hoping that goes well.
I'm working full time right now and taking two classes so my free time is pretty limited. That's the only bad thing, really. But the money is nice for the time being.

I started writing a new screenplay about a bipolar, repressed Christian guy who gets conned into starting a faux-Christian bookstore. It's an interesting diversion thus far. I'll never finish it, but it's fun.

It feels good to be me again.

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Date:2009-05-09 14:22
Subject:Everybody is dying for, the chance to be heard, not ignored
Mood: accomplished

I'm a college graduate.


Now? I'm takin' my ass BACK to school. For a short time, though. Holla holla holla.

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Date:2009-04-22 22:38
Mood: sleepy

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES UPDATE: Wow. So, things are pretty good right now. I graduate with a BA in English in just two weeks. Holy shitballs. It's pretty surreal - after this I'm no longer going to be a regular, struggling student. For the next year, I'll be in graduate school and working on getting teaching certification. It'll probably will be a huge challenge for me and no doubt will bring some anxiety. But, it'll be good for me and help me grow as a person. Lately, I'm starting to feel myself again. I don't question myself as much anymore. I haven't really felt this way in about 2 years.

I've also lost some weight (I'm back down to 157), which is good and really is helping me feel more like my old self. My mindset is starting to revert back into what it used to be, and I'm starting to regain alot of dedication to myself again. Most of my problems in the past 2 years have been because of my mistakes - I haven't really been very happy or true to myself. But, I'm starting to realize that I need to value myself more.

I'm also on good terms nowadays with alot of people that I've had problems with in the past - which is cathartic in a way. I didn't want any albatrosses hanging around my neck anymore. I'm entering a new stage in my life, so I figured I needed to leave some things behind.

I'll be taking the summer off and hopefully getting to hang out with some people I've neglected due to school. I'm also gonna focus a little bit more on myself - I haven't had any free time for new hobbies in a loooong time. I'm becoming more interested in learning and writing like I used to. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be a slightly different person in that I'll be more open-minded to some new stuff.

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